CURSO: Certification of competencies for Inclusion Trainer, Advisor and HR


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Certification of competencies is an essential requirement for any professional to be competitive. It is a certification of the Professional's calibre, which ensures that accurate information is communicated to the market, in the sense that it guarantees:

  • Professional competencies criteria fulfilment, as established by regulations and sector best practices.
  • Professional continuity
  • Continual professional development
  • Proper conduct towards clients and colleagues

Certification does not qualify someone to practise a profession and it doesn't have unlimited validity: it is renewed periodically only if Certified Professionals demonstrate that they have maintained the competencies acquired, pursued professional development and adhere to the Code of Conduct.

From 2010 onwards, many companies and well-known brands worldwide have decided to obtain a certification on their Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policies introducing a new «philosophy» in their business strategies.

The Inclusion Professionals certified by CEPAS in this program are:

  • Inclusion Trainers, Advisors and HR

The Inclusion Trainer or Advisor can act as an external consultant, hired by companies who want to develop and implement their Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policies.

The Inclusion HR knows the business philosophy, but she/he is specifically dedicated to put it into practice. Furthermore, she/he monitors and reports the developing actions into force to the Inclusion Manager, to whom she/he needs to report.


On completion of the training program and the exam, the student will be awarded with one the following qualifications:

  • Certification as Inclusion Trainer, Advisor and HR awarded by Bureau Veritas Training and CEPAS.


The main goal is to have a common culture on gender equality and inclusion and a technical approach on GEEIS managing and advising.

All candidates are required to:

  • Have a High School Diploma.
  • Attend and get a qualification of a specific training course.
  • Prove at least 5 years of working experience in Human Recourses or CSR (attested through their Curriculum Vitae).

Once pre-requisited have been verified, all candidates shall do the exam, which is made of two parts: a written test and an oral speech. Each part is designed and tailored for each specific profile of interest. In case of positive feedback, the CEPAS Certificate will be issued and the Professional will be signed up at CEPAS Register of Certified Professionals.

The certification has a duration of four years and it involves annual maintenances to ensure that, not only the Professional has adequate skills in a certain period, but also that he / she keeps on maintaining them continuously.

Programa del curso

Certification of competencies for Inclusion Trainer, Advisor and HR

The training consists of a common part (Module Gender & Inclusion) and a specific part according to the type of certification.

  1. Module Gender & Inclusion
    • Why inequalities?
    • The Law: International, European and local legal frameworks.
    • Gender equality / Diversion / Inclusion: What are gender equality and inclusion processes.
    • GEEIS
  2. Module for Trainer, Adviser and HR
    • Gender equality policy
    • Steps
    • Step – Data
    • Step – Analysis
    • Step – Action Plan
    • Step – Evaluation
    • Step – Consolidation

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