INP-Rotating Machinery - Online course

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It is very important to know in depth the fundamentals (definitions, key aspects, types, identification, traceability, inspections, documentation, failures, lessons learned, etc.) relating to rotating machinery under the API (American Petroleum Institute) regulations.

That is why this training course has been developed.


Following the successful ending, a Certificate of completion of the INP-Rotating Machinery course is issued by Bureau Veritas Business School.

Who should attend?

  • Mechanical engineers.
  • Rotating machinery inspectors.
  • Technical staff working in production area.
  • Technical staff working in maintenance area.


This course has the following objectives:

  • Giving the necessary information to understand the fundamental principles of gears.
  • Studying and knowing the main features related to pumps and turbines.

Course Contents

INP-Rotating Machinery

Module 1 – Gears

  1. Background into equipment covered by the commodity description
  2. Backgrounds into component manufacturing
  3. Identification and traceability
  4. Typical inspection activity required
  5. Critical/key elements to applied when undertaking inspection
  6. Documentation typically generated and inspector obligations
  7. Critical/key elements to convey in the inspection report
  8. Lessons learned –key failings, problems often observed in the field

Module 2 – Pumps and Turbines

  1. Definitions
  2. Centrifugal pumps
  3. Gas turbines
  4. Steam turbines

Module 3 – Pumps core material

  1. Hydraulic and general pumps fundamentals
  2. Common pump and troubleshooting questions, couplings, shaft bearings, packing seals, mechanical seals, motors, inspection methods and glossary

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