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Security Management Systems for the Supply Chain. ISO 28000

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Duración: 30 hours - 3 months

Precio: 430 €


Participants in the Course will receive upon completion of the course Certificate of Security Management Systems for the Supply Chain. ISO 28000. Qualification issued by Bureau Veritas Training.


Who the course is for

  • Managers, responsible, technical professionals and administrative personnel related to security, who wish to deepen their knowledge of the methodology proposed by ISO 28000 to guarantee the security of the chain, as well as manage it.
  • Entrepreneurs and professionals in the prevention or security sector who aspire to take on new responsibilities in the management of a company.
  • Persons interested in knowing the requirements of ISO 28000, to implement a security management system for the supply chain and to be able to carry out internal audits based on this Standard.
  • People who want to know the relationship between the ISO 28000 regulations on security matters and how this can be a complementary tool to assist compliance with other international certifications such as the SAFE Framework of the World Customs Organization; criteria such as the OAS (Authorized Economic Operator), of the European Customs Security Program; and the American Customs Trade Partnerships Against Terrorist model C-TPAT).
  • People who wish to deepen the requirements demanded from organizations by the ISPS, TAPA or IATA standards, as well as understand the audit process and its certification.
  • People interested in knowing the relationship and differences between the model proposed by ISO 28000 for the supply chain, and the one proposed by ISO 28001 in terms of the management of security processes in international supply chains.

The General Objective of the Course is that the participants acquire the competences, that is, knowledge, skills and attitudes, necessary to know in depth the requirements that companies that wish to implement the ISO 28000 Standard must fulfill, which will allow them to know the points of control of the supply chain in which they operate and act against possible risks and threats to security.

At the end of the formative action the participants will be able to:

  • Develop an adequate competitive strategy in the organization, integrating the management of security as one more element of the activity of the same company.
  • Identify the main activities that make up the supply chain.
  • Acquire knowledge of the risks and threats to which your organization is exposed.
  • Be in a position to increase the level of security in the supply chain.
  • When managing activities, avoid wasting means and resources, focusing efforts on those critical areas that have been defined thanks to a previous analysis.
  • Have knowledge to carry out a risk assessment of the security and the management process.
  • Know the methodology for the implementation of concrete measures for the correct management and acceptance of risks.
  • Apply corrective measures based on detected non-conformities.

Programa del curso

Security Management Systems for the Supply Chain. ISO 28000

  1. 1. Introduction to the Security Management Systems for the Supply Chain.
  2. 2. Supply Chain Security Management System Implementation. ISO 28000.
  3. 3. General Requirements and Security Policy.
  4. 4. Security Risk Assessment.
  5. 5. Security Risk Planning.
  6. 6. Implementation and Operation.
  7. 7. Checking and Management Review.
  8. 8. ISO 28001: Supply Chain Security Processes. Best Sector Practices.

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Programa: Security Management Systems for the Supply Chain ISO 28000

Precio del curso: 344

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